Where to Take Great Photos

“Warsaw Old Town”

At first, the places you discovered to take pictures were absolutely breathtaking to your eyes. Your ideas kept flowing and flowing. But after a while, you keep visiting the same old places, and despite how beautiful they may seem, or how much you change your perspective, you just feel stuck. Your pictures seem the same to you and you just, do not know where to go anymore to shoot some fresh photos.

Photographers constantly go through this struggle. Depending on where we are, we may seem to have gone to all the nice places and then after we have taken the pictures we wanted, we grow irritated. Irritated at the fact that all our ideas are worn out and the places we have visited are just, boring. How can we find “new” places to take photos when we feel we have already been to every single place? It’s all a matter of thinking outside of the box. Here’s a few tips on how to do so.

Google/Google Maps

As cliché as this method may sound, you would be surprised at how helpful it has been to many photographers. We may think we know our local area very well, when really, we might be missing out on small or secret locations that might be the next spot for our photo sessions. And it does not have to necessarily be a new street, or a new building. Try checking out indoor locations as well. Perhaps old arcades, funky diners, or abandoned buildings. Get on Google Maps, and have a look at what he places may look like on your own screen. It might not look the same on a screen than it will in person but catching a glimpse of it can definitely be of some help.

Visit at a Different Time of Day

We may be fond of going to our favourite places at a certain hour of the day because maybe we get our favourite lighting for our pictures. However, a place changes so much when you visit at another time. Especially at night. Places either come to life at night, or get a different vibe. A vibe that you might want, or you may be looking for to get the fresh pictures you need. Try it out. And don’t just go to the same places at a different time, but visit the new places you have discovered as well and try going at all kinds of hours. If you go in the evening though, be sure to come prepared. You will probably need a tripod.

Get Lost and Just Drive/or Walk

Personally, this would have to be my favourite kind of method. Whether you live in a neighbourhood that there is no other option to get around other than driving or in a city where driving can be a bother, get out and get “lost”. Don’t literally get lost. Instead of doing research, walk around. Don’t think too much of whether you have been there or not. By walking or just driving with no concrete plan in mind, you will adopt a different perspective, making you come across things that perhaps you have not noticed before. Things that will capture your eye, and inspire you to take new photos.

In Your Home

Believe it or not, some the best portraits come from one’s home. “How on earth am I going to get nice pictures from my house?” you may wonder. Well, that’s up to you. By trying this out, not only do you save time, and energy, but it really gets your creative juices flowing. You will have no other option but to think and experiment. Experiment with makeup, lights, boxes, blankets, house objects, etc. You’ll be amazed at the ideas you can come up with. And even more impressed at the photos you will take.

Also, taking a look at some photographers that use simple props, or simple places for their awe-inspiring and authentic photographs can be a massive help in coming up with new ideas on where to go. These, personally, are my all-time favourites.