Photo Editing Software


When it comes to choosing editing software, each photographer makes their decision based not only on what they know, but rather, on how they like to work.

Adobe Photoshop CC

We all have heard of Photoshop. It has been around for the longest time and has continued to evolve throughout the years. However, we have also heard of the fact that Photoshop is not easy to use. It can be so difficult with all the tools it contains. But, it is considered to be the best photo editing program of all time. Because true, you can keep it simple in terms of editing such as adjusting exposure, contrast levels, etc. But, it is known to be a program where you can do heavy editing called photo manipulation, where you can pretty much turn an ordinary image to anything you want. To do so, it takes a lot of practice, yes. But, it is mind-blowing all the kinds of things you can do with Photoshop.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a little more basic when it comes to editing, which can be exactly what you are looking for if you just want to enhance the beauty of your photos a bit. It is also a great program for organizing your pictures and storing them. When you save a photo on Lightroom, you can always go back to it and see in what settings you took the photo in, such as at what shutter speed, and what aperture you used, what ISO, etc. The tools are simple, effective, and powerful, not mention they are also easy to use and quick.


GIMP is entirely different from the adobe programs we mentioned before. Its software is different, but it can still be very effective and is used by many people. GIMP has loads of fun features other than being able to resize your photos and enhance them. It also has features such as paint, animation, file handling, etc. So, you will never be bored when it comes to this, as you can experiment way more than you can imagine.


Pixlr is an online editing program, so there is no need to worry about downloading onto your computer. This editing program was actually designed for the non-professionals out there, but it can vary from very simple editing to advanced. It also available for different kinds of devices such as your tablets or phone so that you can be able to edit anywhere.


Snapseed is also an online editing program created by Google that you could freely download onto any of your devices. It is simple, quick and gives you the professional results you want to achieve. It also provides a huge variety of filters that can apply to almost any style you want. Whether grunge, vintage, or just natural, you’ll have so many to choose from. It is also extremely easy to share your photos through Snapseed. You can either save them, share them or export them with just the click of a button. So simple!