How to Improve Your Photo Skills


You take pictures everywhere you go. Your eyes spot a great angle, corner, or scenario and you can’t help but aim your camera and capture the moment. Yet, what your eyes see, does not look as nice on the screen of your camera as it did in person. It’s definitely not what you had in mind. And, it’s not the first time it’s happened. Not just because what you see in person will always be better than what you see on a digital screen but because, you can’t seem to ever take the right picture. Or perhaps you are, but it doesn’t look as appealing to you as you would like it to. It’s a constant struggle that all photographers face. Whether professional, or amateur, there comes a point where our photographs may seem dull or we just cannot find the trick to taking the pictures we want to take. Lucky for you guys though, I bring some great suggestions given to us by professional photographers themselves that have personally helped me, and many others.

Check Your White Balance

Believe it or not, this mode makes a massive difference. Depending on where you are, your pictures might be coming out bluer or more orange than the usual. Sometimes, extremely red. Make sure that, before taking the picture, your white balance is set correctly so that the camera can capture the right colour, giving you the picture you desire. Or at least the colour of it.


There is nothing wrong with capturing your subject right in the centre of your photo. But sometimes, it might not give you what you’re looking for. For a while, try to frame your subjects away from the centre. Making a small change like this in a photo, can drastically change the perspective of it.

Break the Rules

A lot of things are “forbidden” in the world of photography, or just not well seen. For example, noise in a photo or a messy blur. But, then again, how do you know it’s not what you’re looking for? Artistically, you might like a bit of grain in your photographs. If that’s the case, increase your ISO. Experiment. Try new things. The only way to find your own style in photography is by breaking the rules. You can even make your own little props for your camera that can add some really neat effects to your pictures. Check out this site for more examples.

Learn from Others

Check out other photographers’ websites or social media accounts. Study their photos. Or look into different books of very well-known photographers and why they’ve become so famous. What they used in their photos. What they are known for. Try to draw inspiration from other artists that can give you ideas on how you can improve yours. It’s not all about checking to see whether you’ve got the right shutter speed, aperture, or even the right camera. We all might just need a little help thinking outside the box and playing with perspective.