Filming Tools for Every Budget


Filmmakers today have it much easier than before, and this isn’t just something old timers say to young folk because they don’t understand the woes of modernity, this is real. Thanks to the rise and prevalence of the digital camera, indie filmmakers can now shoot entire films on tiny budgets with both money and time saved from not having to deal with changing reels and processing actual film. With tech becoming cheaper and cheaper today smaller studios are making smash hits at a fraction of the price that filmmakers did just a couple decades ago. The now well renowned but previously indie filmmaker Kevin Smith famously rented all his equipment with credit cards amassing a bill of almost $30,000, but if you don’t have that money lying around (or decent enough credit to borrow it) then don’t worry you wont need it. Here is some impressive film equipment for every budget.

Canon EOS C200B – £5700

This one is for those with big bucks, but even so at least you get to keep this thing with that price tag. This professional piece of kit does everything you could really want it to it shoots in 4K is fully customisable and its body is light and small enough to rig to a drone. This thing is ready to go for any situation and has garnered several top spots on camera rankings, if you have a huge wallet and little time to research, just grab this thing up and you won’t be disappointed.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema – £1100

Still a little pricey for some, this impressively condensed camera comes ready to film some incredible footage. With crisp 4K shooting and a lens that handles light impeccably off the bat you have everything in a surprisingly simple package. If you want indie quality out of the box this will definitely set you apart from the rest.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 – £500

Though the price is body only, and you will have to fork some more out for the lenses you require, this solid model that is now the older sibling to a line of newer Lumix family members is still a great buy. From a brand that has been around film since the early days you can expect nothing but quality here. Get a second hand lens fit for purpose and you will grab yourself a quality deal with this one.

GoPro Hero 7 Black – £250

The new kid on the scene returns. GoPro’s are everywhere thanks to the popularity of Youtubers wanting to film everything from comedy skits to their holidays. This thing is made for action, so if you have a very intense film that may be unwatchable if filmed on other devices, this here will stabilise you beyond measure, its also a great addition to your toolkit for filming a mad chase or fifty.

FiLMiC Pro – £11.49

Don’t worry your eyes are still working correctly. Though this isn’t technically a camera per se, the advances of technology in our lives just goes to show how filmmaking has changed – as we all have an incredible camera in our pocket. This app allows film-like control over your shots and essentially turns your phone into the only camera you need. If Kevin smith could film in 4K with a device that he had already bought, I’m sure Clerks would look significantly different.