Best Video Camera for Your Backpacking Adventure

Best Video Camera for Your Backpacking Adventure

There is nothing quite like the great outdoors for getting in touch with nature and yourself! Whether you are contemplating a few strolls in the country side or a more ambitious adventure of hiking and camping it’s always good to be well prepared. Any outdoor pursuit should be well planned and include provisions suitable for […]

Best Filters for Your Camera

Best Filters for Your Camera

Since the advent of Photoshop app and the similar, using the traditional filters is seen as burdening task and old fashioned.  Nevertheless, these traditional filters remain the best devices for producing superior image effects. A good number of the photography filters, like the polarizers and density filters, can produce effects that take up a lot […]

All about Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

All about Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

In a world of full-frame mirrorless cameras, Sony and Lecia are the leading suppliers in the market today. However, brands like Canon and Nikon have yet to unleash their own full-frame mirrorless models that are rumored to be in the design phase. The preference among professional photographers of full-frame or 35mm devices over their crop […]


Photo Editing Software

When it comes to choosing editing software, each photographer makes their decision based not only on what they know, but rather, on how they like to work. Adobe Photoshop CC We all have heard of Photoshop. It has been around for the longest time and has continued to evolve throughout the years. However, we have […]

100mm Macro

Photography Lenses for Wedding Photography

When it comes to choosing “the best” photography lenses to photograph a wedding, it all depends on each photographer. Each one has a different style and therefore, they choose lens according to the way they work and the style they have. However, there are a few lenses that are, not necessarily “a must” but, are […]

Dorothea Lange

All Time Greatest Photographers

As a photographer, you want to continue to learn and grow. To experiment, try new things, and most importantly, to find the motivation and the inspiration behind your artwork. A great way to do so, is by learning from some of the best photographers in history that have truly made an impact on many people […]


How to take a great landscape photo

Producing an image that is focused in it’s content and also leads the eyes of the viewer to the exact place you want it when using landscape photographing can be very difficult. You might even be presented with a very beautiful and attractive vista, but in some cases, the images may not be visibly present, […]


How to Take the Best Portrait Photos

The constant face changes in humans make portrait photography tough. Capturing the best moments demands skill and persistence; however, learning the fundamentals isn’t too hard and can enhance your portraits significantly. The following the fundamentals you need to know to take fantastic portrait photos. 1. Attention to the Subject In any portrait photo, the subject […]


Essential Camera Equipment

For a photographer, your camera bag (and its elements) is the heart of everything you do. Your lenses and cameras are your primary tools of trade. Note, both were stated in plural because similar to how you wouldn’t out of a plane without an auxiliary parachute, we wouldn’t advocate you shoot an emotionally charge even […]