Best Video Camera for Your Backpacking Adventure

Best Video Camera for Your Backpacking Adventure

There is nothing quite like the great outdoors for getting in touch with nature and yourself! Whether you are contemplating a few strolls in the country side or a more ambitious adventure of hiking and camping it’s always good to be well prepared. Any outdoor pursuit should be well planned and include provisions suitable for the event which will then determine the size of your backpack! When you have the essentials down don’t forget that whatever the scale of your adventure you will want to record these moments in some way so that you can share and re-visit those memories. Phones can definitely do a very good job these days but if you want to have a little more range and finesse it might be worth checking out some of the latest equipment to achieve great video footage.

Best Options

When it comes to choosing any kind of equipment a few things will initially determine how you begin your search. Obviously, budget is a key factor and remember that for your specific needs the most expensive might not always be the right or necessary choice so be smart and practical. For outdoor use you will also have specific requirements, so we want to look for well-built and well protected models that are robust enough for the job. In addition, if you are hiking and backpacking everything you need must be carried so you don’t want to add unnecessary weight, unless that’s part of your fitness regime! With these things in mind let’s take a look at some of the options on the market today.

One of the most attractive options for the backpacker has to be the GoPro Hero+ which, for around $399, delivers plenty of features in a neat package. Weighing in at only 5oz this robust camera has a battery life of up to two hours which is significantly better than the earlier models. The pro can be mounted in a variety of ways so if you are looking for those unusual angles this could be your choice. The camera also has a wide-angle video mode to get the bigger picture, literally! Quality is not an issue here the resolution options ensure super sharp quality to satisfy novice and expert alike.

Something a little less expensive, coming in at around $300, is the Ricoh WG-M2 which offers some really great features not least of which is that it’s drop proof up to 6ft and waterproof up to 60ft! If you’re still testing your skills in the film department this could be the camera for you as it conveniently auto adjusts if you inadvertently shoot your video upside down!

If you are the serious outdoor film maker who wants to capture some really cool footage and have the ability to play around with it then the Sony X1000V 4K Action Cam is a good pick. You need to stretch to $499 but it comes with features that include slow motion and on the spot editing and an option to cut wind noise. There are plenty of great cameras on the market so why not have some fun making memorable videos next time you take to the great outdoors.