All about Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

All about Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

In a world of full-frame mirrorless cameras, Sony and Lecia are the leading suppliers in the market today. However, brands like Canon and Nikon have yet to unleash their own full-frame mirrorless models that are rumored to be in the design phase. The preference among professional photographers of full-frame or 35mm devices over their crop sensor counterparts has well founded reasons. The high image quality and low light capability offered by full frame sensors are imperative for professional photography and exclusive picture output. With these characteristics, full-frame cameras stand unchallenged in the field of professional photography.

Half a decade ago an important shift occurred where most full-frame users switched from the conventional bulky DSLRs to sleek and portable mirrorless cameras.  With very few options to choose from, this shift was a bit complicated but, thanks to Sony´s expansive line of these gadgets, it was not traumatic. Here is a review of some the best mirrorless ones with full-frame sensors taking the lead in the market of cameras today.

Sony a7s II

Just like every other Sony full-frame mirrorless model, the Sony a7S II is a multifunction camera with low-light capability and ultra-speed performance. Besides its 12.2MP sensors, it shares many other similarities with the a7R II in specifications and features.  The only difference is that it is quite a bit lighter and allows silent shutter mode, even with continuous shooting.

Sony a7r II

The Sony a7r II is no doubt one of the most famous models among the series of Sony’s full-frame mirrorless collections. The model offers a 42Mp full frame sensor, 5-axis SteadyShot inside image stabilization, a very powerful BIONZ processor, UHD 4K video recording capacity, and other awesome features. It is regarded by many as a high-performance workhorse in a handy, compact package.

If you seek a more budget-friendly option, the Sony Alpha a7R shares similar features and specs as the a7r II. It can save you up to $800. Its only disadvantages are the absence of in-camera stabilization, a lower maximum sensor resolution, and a lesser quality video resolution of 1080p instead of UHD 4k.

Sony a9

The Sony a9 ranks as the one of the best there is on the market. Its features are just mind-blowing. It offers an ultra-speed continuous shooting capability of 20fps, a very sensitive ISO of up to 204,800 (with minimal noise and impeccable image quality, irrespective of how tricky or impossible the lighting conditions may seem), and an amazing number of AF points (693 phase-detection) that covers 93% of the image area for ultra-precise focusing.

If you desire a manual focus, the Sony a9´s features have integrated MF functions, with provisions for sharp edges and contrast to give more options for optimal focus while using the MF controls. So, if you are professional and you want the best, the Sony Alpha a9 is the perfect camera for you.

And this concludes our picks as the recommended equipment to use by both the professionals and those who are just thinking of stepping on this path. So if you have desire and, more importantly, funds, take a look at these choices.