4 Reasons to Love the GoPro

4 Reasons to Love the GoPro

If you have your ear to the ground when it comes to photography, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the brand GoPro. This refers to a fairly recent breed of camera that is known for its petite size and portability and has been on the rise for the last few years thanks to it being a great tool for professionals as well as a pick up and play camera for general consumers. You’ve no doubt seen adverts, music videos, wedding videos and action sequences in films all shot on these handy little devices, which makes them irresistible to anyone eyeing up a new piece of kit. So if you are still scratching your chin, here are four reasons why you will love the GoPro and why it loves you back.

It Loves to Come with You

These things are the Chihuahuas of cameras, tiny, fun and easy to pop in a bag and take with you wherever you go. The miniature scale of these little things immediately appeals to anyone who is sick of slogging a hefty DSLR and its accompanying lenses around. If you love taking photos but don’t like everybody knowing you are a tourist, the GoPro will slip into your pocket without anyone knowing and you can take a quick snap and go back to enjoying yourself without taking 5 minutes to change your settings at any given moment. It’s a huge perk to have such a lightweight device, one that you can manage single handedly and one that wont take up the much needed space or weigh down your backpack if you are traveling.

It Loves to See What You See

There are an unprecedented number of accessories available for the GoPro. From mini tripods to helmets and torso rigs. Because of its portability this camera is ideal for strapping to you on any occasion. Get a first person perspective on your hiking views or just your family reunions, while the unobtrusive little camera captures it all. As you have probably seen in many a chase scene its perfect for getting reaction shots too, so no matter which side you choose to shoot you can have a camera companion along for the ride.

It Loves to Swim

The majority of GoPros are water resistant straight out of the box, which is a real relief for anyone who films in wet conditions. If you’ve just bought an electronic device the last thing you want to do is get it wet, but with GoPro you can tick that worry off your list. The Session, which isn’t waterproof does have a housing you can purchase which makes it super waterproof and extra tough, descending up to 60 meters in water.

It Loves to Get Crazy

With the housing equipped the GoPro becomes nigh on unbreakable thanks to its sturdy plastic hide. Swimmers, skateboarders, skiers, climbers, and holidaymakers will all love this feature that will have you taking photos of every moment you want to remember no matter how wild. With this level of robustness you can feel safe knowing that you can shoot in rain, fog, snow and pretty much any condition nature decides to throw your way.